Ears for Elves is a Online Graphic Novel about Tanna Teasen’atear; the daughter of a Village Councilman in the Eytherlia Forest who dreams of becoming a Village Guardian.

Throughout this story, Tanna must come to terms with her family’s expectations, help her friends, and learn where she fits into this world.  To do this, she will need to learn the secrets of Fídar, the world that she is a part of, and unlock the past to save her future.

Ears for Elves will be updated 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and will be presented in chapters.  Each chapter will be about 19-25 pages, so you won’t be waiting a year for a chapter to be done.  If there is enough intrest in the story, we might publish it, but at this point it’s all for fun.

We will be keeping up with content on the website, and be updating information as it’s revealed in the story, that means what you read above will change as the story get’s longer.

The World of Fídar will be the setting of future projects, as “Tanna’s Story” is just a part of a much larger world.  But that’s far down the road from here, let’s just focus on Tanna for now.

Ears for Elves is written, drawn, and conceptualized by NaarieKermie.  The Site Design/Maintenace, Typeset, and Editing by Archmage.

Thanks for Reading

-Naarie and Archmage