Geographical Locations:

Fírdor – Mortal Land (Name of the world)
Tolotharda – Eight Realms (Name of the continent)
Eytherlia – Tanna’s home forest
Renavanna – Eytherlia sister village
Kenn’iraheal – High Elf realm
Pyelis – Merfolk Archipelagos
Naern – Dark Elf tundra


Types of Elves:

? – High Elf
Taurë – Wood Elf
Fuin – Dark Elf
Aear – Merfolk


The Gods:

Herunor “Hee-roo-n-or”(Lord Above) – Name of the Gods.
Herutaurë – Lord of the Wood Elves
Herufuin – Lord of the Dark Elves
Heruaear – Lord of the Merfolk


Political Factions:

The Ruling Circle – These are the decision makers in the village. They decide everything from Laws to rationing of foodstuffs. The groups that are apart of The Ruling Circle are:
The High Council; 5 leaders of the Eytherlia Village, 1 from each of the Founding Families.
The Druids; The Religious Temple of Herutaure, practitioners of the ancient magic. The healers and scholars.
The Guardians; The Military, charged with protecting the Village and making decisions in time of Crysis.
Elders; The oldest members of the community, must be over 700 to be considered an Elder. Act as unbiased mediators and advisers.



Founding Families – Direct descendants of the original 5 Founding Families, that it is said, established Eytherlia after the “War of the Herunor”.


The Guardian Trials:

A ceremonial test for new recruits of the Guardians, held every 5 years during the Taurëcuiva festival. This test determines who is worthy of undergoing the training to become a Guardian.


Traditional titles:

Taurëcuiva – Traditional Celebration of the Wood Elf goddess held every 5 years on the Spring Equinox.
Taurëlaer – Name of a traditional Wood Elf Dance.
Mararaheal – Traditional title for Myari
Marathir – Tradititional title for Elon


The Great Wars:

There have been many “Great Wars” over the centuries, all of which have been said to stem from the fabled “War of the Herunor”, which is now only spoken of in youngling tales. The most recent of the “Great War” has been dubbed the “200 Year War.” The “200 Year War” ended with the Taurë secluding themselves from the Non-Elven races. Tanna’s father served in the 200 Year war, which ended almost 500 years before Tanna was born, giving the races of Fírdor the longest era of peace in known history.


Basic Woodelf history(as told to younglings):

Long ago, there was a great war. This war was fought between all the races of Fírdor. Many people lost their lives and several of the races were pushed to the edge of extinction.

Our ancestors grew tired of fighting and wanted to seclude our people from the warring nations, so they found patches of dense forest to build communities in. But war could not be shielded by trees and the the council’s pledge of neutrality. Enemies of our people burned the forests and cut down the trees for fuel in their war machines.

And so they fled.

Fortunately the Goddess Herutaurë guided our ancestors to this forest, Eytherlia. Here she placed this crystal, The Tear of Water, to sustain the forest and protect our people from outside evils.

She instructed the High Council and the Druids of the time to always protect the village and the Crystal from any who would seek to corrupt it. The Council established the Guardians, the elite warriors who protect our borders from any who trespass.

And so every 10th Equinox, we pay tribute to our goddess, for guiding the Taurë here and granting protection from the evils of the world.