Hello all.  We will be posting fanart made by you wonderful people here if you have any, please email us at earsforelves@gmail.com or if you’re on DeviantArt, message Naariekermie.  Now without further ado your awesome fan art!



Myari – By zekehimberry95








Kanryl – By Bill












Tanna – By Gual








Tanna, Zalanna, and Myari – By Zennna246









Durpunzle by FyreElf









Repeat after me by FyreElf










Tanna by Halflight










Rolanna Wedding Day by Laralee











Rolan by FyreElf









Kanryl by arrow55555









Naughty-Naughty by FyreElf










Myari Cookies by jraakiofskiffander










Tanna by modestfashionqueen









Story Time – By Bill