June (NaarieKermie) : Role – Artist/Writer/All-Around-Creative-One

When June was young she begged her mother to buy her a coloring book.  Her mother refused stating “Coloring books stifle creativity” and if she wanted a coloring book, June should “Just make one herself.”

So she did… and never stopped drawing.

Growing up an odd child, it took June until High School to finally realize she was a geek.  Once the realization hit she fully embraced her new geekiness by throwing herself into videogames, anime, table-top gaming and all other sorts of nerd-like activities.  However, her true passion came in the form of Fantasy Novels.

When Webcomics starting gaining popularity, June knew she wanted to create one, too.  Years went by, ideas and passions came and went, but there were always a million excuses not to start.  Finally June slapped herself in the face and decided to just screw all the excuse and go for it!

And here we are now.

Calo anor na ven



Archmage : Real name – Wouldn’t you like to know : Role – Site Admin/Editor

Outside of managing this site for the first time, I work in Telecom.  That right!  I do phones, and not just any phones… Internet Phones.  Customer support is an intriguing field to work in as half the customers I work with are COMPLETELY INSANE!!!!  You’ll probably hear about it in my posts.  It’ll be nice to have somewhere to rant.

Other than work, and learning the basics of CSS for this, I enjoy Gaming (Video and Table Top), TV (I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE TV), Movies, Hockey, Cooking, and the internet. Loves Kung Fu movies, Donnie Yen is amazing.  I won’t bore you with more than that.  Thank you for visiting as it validates why we do this.