Sorry for the unexpected hiatus!!

That kinda got away from me… It’s just… life, ya know? One thing after another after another… SO! Here’s an update and official announcement!!


This will get me out of the oddness of the holidays and we’ll start the new year off with a bang!!

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I know things have been slow over here lately and I’m so grateful for those of you who have not given up on me yet! Thank you all and please accept all of my apologizes for derping this up!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!! LOVE YOU ALL!!

Update 5/1 (From Archmage):

Yeah so, that didn’t really pan out.  This last year has really seen some changes and Naarie is just trying to integrate working with the comic with the rest of her life.

The plan right now is for her to hit a milestone with the buffer so we can start posting again Tuesday and Fridays.  We hope to have something more concrete for you soon, thank you all for sticking it out till now.