So! I was all ready to have a page up today but I lost my tablet pen… somewhere…. seriously. So, I can’t finish th page…. I don’t even know… All the stores around here are closed so I’m gonna have to go hunting a new one down tomorrow…. WHY IS THE UNIVERSE AGAINST ME??? *tears forever*

Just letting everyone know I am alive and well!! I’ve been taking my time writing this next chapter and also taking a bit of a break from comicking and taking a chance to doodle a little bit for myself. Through this little vacation my drive and motivation is coming back in spades! I’m ready to get down to comicking again full steam!! Thank you all for your patience and understanding!! I couldn’t ask for a better readership. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

True Story

Blub Blub

Just a liiiittle guest comic I whipped together for Bill/IceMan/Murader for his AMAZING WEBCOMIC Sucker Punch to My Emotions. ((Click it! Click it now!)) He was kind enough to draw a filler comics for me. Here! CUZ HES JUST THAT AMAZING!! So it was about time that I returned the favor!!

For those of you curious the original Blubasaur conversation took place here.

His original Blubasaur is here.

And my return Blubasaur is here.

Also, apparently all webcomickers look like THAT in my head. So, this is a thing now. X3