WOO! Just got everything on my computer running well again! New page should be up in a few hours! I honestly don’t know why the universe is so against me being on time with my updates!! XD SO MANY SORRIES!

And things just get harrier!

Woo! The forums have been really hopping! I don’t know about you but I’ve been having tons of fun in the RP! Everyone jumping in with all of these established characters and somehow everything is working so well together! You guys are pretty amazing!


We also have a brand new fanart!! Brought to us by the amazing Judominja!


Look! Its the main cast as animals!

Aren’t they simply adorable?? :D

Judominja is not only an amazing artist, commenter and rper but shes also a part of a wildlife rehab that you can find here! Send your love and support her way!


Can you all tell who is who?? Feel free to post your guesses below!! :D


As for me… I totes got this.