And with that we conclude Q&A week!!

Thank you all for your questions and participation! I only wish I could have gotten to more!! You all are just so amazing!!

The forums have been off to a good start! Having lots of fun in the tavern. Why not stop in for an ale or two? And don’t mind the kender… Hes not THAT drunk… yet.


Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been struggling to keep my schedule lately. The combination between trickier and more detailed pages along with just life in general has set me back a ton. So, after much consideration, we have decided to bring EfE down to 2/week for the¬†foreseeable future. I think its much more important for me to be ontime with fewer updates but still maintaining the quality. And who knows? Maybe I’ll pick up speed again and be able to bring my updates back up!! *optimist*


Starting next week Ears for Elves will be updating Tuesdays and Fridays.

Love you all!! Thank you for reading!!