Ears for Elves is now OFFICIALLY a year old!!

I just want to say a big ol’ THANK YOU to everyone! Thank you for reading! Thank you for commenting! Thank you for fanart! Thank you for emails! Thank you for all of the massive amounts of support throughout this whole year!!!

To celebrate such a momentous occasion sooooooooome of you may have noticed a little change to the site…

See it?

Do ya?

Do ya seeeee it???

WELL! The long fabled EFE FORUMS are finally open!!! Come join us in random discussion, make friends, play an RP or two and just have fun with it!!

And feel free to still comment here on the site. I looove seeing the immediate reactions to pages!

Again YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! When I first started out I had no idea I would end up with such an amazing group of readers!!!!! You all are more than I could ever ask for. I am the luckiest webcomicker EVER!