Ah… With the lights lit we can finally see some of the internal structure of the temple! Still a little dim inside but all the more fun for me to play with shadows. Gods, I’ve been LOVING that lately. Being able to shade like this is amazing. I’m gonna have to use a lot of the new techniques I’ve pick up going forward from here! FUN FUN! :D

All of these pages lately have been all about backgrounds!! It was nice drawing a bit of Tanna being Tanna and Rolan being o_o

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the Q&A seems to be a go, eh? Lots of positive feedback towards the idea!! So, what I’m thinking is I’ll schedule it for our anniversary week! July 2nd to the 6th! Feel free to ask anything! Direct questions towards the characters! Direct them towards me or Archmage! Whatever is on your mind! Post them here in the comments or email them to me at NaarieKermie@earsforelves.com. I’ll put a reminder in all of my blogie posties going forward so comment anywhere and I’ll get it!! I’ll try to answer as many as possible without spoiling anything! Looking forward to hearing from you all!!