Ah! Inside the sanctuary at last! Just let Tanna take care of some mood-lighting here. Yeees… perfect.

This page was…. interesting to say the least!! Never had to do these kind of effects before! Lots of experimenting with different tones and brushes. Overall I like how it came out. TRYING NEW THINGS IS FUN!

Speaking of new things…

I MADE A NEW VIDEO! And its easily the best one yet! I AM AMAZINGLY DITZY IN IT! SO MUCH SO I CRACK MYSELF UP! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE AWESOMENESS!! Friend of the comic, TehMograinz and I started up a game of Minecraft where he pretty much had to hold my hand throughout the entire thing! It was super fun!!

Speaking of TehMograinz…



The amazing and awesome TehMograinz of Youtube fame has graciously gifted us with his amazing talents in not only the form of an awesome video (see above) BUT also an awesome piece o’ fanart!!!

AND IT’S LUERO!!! Can you believe this is the FIRST piece of Luero fanart I’ve ever received?? PRETTY CRAZY!!!



Speaking of fanart….


If you guessed the amazingly talented and throughly wonderful FyreElf…. THEN YOU, MY FRIEND, WOULD BE CORRECT!

And its little Donny!! D’aaaaaaaaaw! Isn’t he just soooo cute when hes pestering Tanna like that?? And poor Rolan doesn’t know what to think!

JUST LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS BACKGROUND!! That tree looks amazing! And I know trees. I have to say. That is one fine tree there. Yes. Mighty fine, indeed.


Know whats crazy?? EFE IS ALMOST ONE YEAR OLD!! Mage practiced posting pages and messing with the site early on BUT we didn’t officially launch until July 4th 2011…. SOOOOOOO….. THAT’S LESS THAN A MONTH! OMGODS! I CAN’T BELIEVE I’VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR SO LONG! THANK YOU ALL FOR JOINING ME ON THIS RIDE!!

At the one year lets have a celebration! Mage is planning on having the forums up then! SO, RP IS GONNA START SOON! I’m also thinking of doing another Q/A to celebrate the anniversary… Would any of you be interested in such a thing??