LOOKIT!! YOUNG MYARI AND ELON!! How did Elon turn out so cute?? I DON’T EVEN KNOW! I just wanna huggle him!!


In my defense I finished this yesterday.

Mage was the one who was late. :3

SPEAKING OF THE MAGEY, he made a bloggie postie about our Fanime trip! Check it out below and be super jelly you weren’t there!

For those of you following TehMograinz and my Dungeon Defenders videos he just posted the last one!!ITS A SILLY VIDEO OF ONE OF THE LEVELS WE TOTALLY SCREWED UP ON! CLICK HERE AND GO LAUGH WITH US! Or perhaps a little at us? Meh. I don’t really mind. :D

I also received some new fanart because you people are fricken amazing but it doesn’t seem fair to put up on a Saturday so I’ll just keep ‘em all to myself until Monday’s update…