Hello Dear Readers,

Naarie is currently working hard on the page.  Seems like this one is giving her ton’s of problems, couple that with artist block and the page is kinda delayed.  I can assure you that the page will be up tonight… er this morning as I look at the clock right now (Tis 12:41AM PST right now ^^;)

Thank you for your patience.



So yeah… looks like it’s just going to be a 1 post week… I don’t really like that, but what are you going to do.  Naarie is just not happy with how this page is turning out and is going to re-work it.  Sorry to keep you all on your toes about this, but it just hasn’t really been a good week in any regard.

See y’all Monday!




Not only am I having to do some architectural backgrounds again (albeit not AS complicated as other pages but still a stretch for me) I had Tanna being all crazy and running up a wall! DYNAMIC POSES! WHEW! Takes a lot out of ya!

If any of you are curious I actually referenced several parkour videos to get Tanna’s moves. I found a really cool one that actually teaches you how to run up walls!! VERY HELPFUL! XD

WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL AMAZING READERS WHO OBVIOUSLY HAVE GOOD TASTE, YOUR GODDESS NEEDS YOUR HELP!!! Deviantart has partnered up with ComicCon to hold a contest for up and coming comic artists! All you have to do is submit your portfolio and 6 winners will be chosen to attended ComicCon and make connections and be all awesome and stuff. Yours truly would LOVE to enter but there’s a little problem… I HAVE NO IDEA WHICH PAGES TO INCULDE IN MY PORTFOLIO!! D: I would really love to show off my range, talent and skill with a variety of pages and even possibly a complete scene to show my story telling style. SO, what I’m asking is… Dear Readers… Which pages/scenes do you think are my strongest and should be included?? Preferably pages in Chapter 3 or later, please! ANY INPUT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRICIATED!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

So… May. It’s May isn’t it? WELL, May is a crazy month for me. This weekend I’m going out of town to visit family. And the week after that is Fanime from the 25th to the 28th where I’ll be attending as a fan! I’ve been going every year for over 10 years! Not about to stop now!

SO… What does that mean for the comic?? Well, since I’ve already been struggling with deadlines because of the extra stretching of my artistic abilities I reeeally don’t think I’ll be able to maintain my schedule with all this extra shit happening. I’ve decided for the month of May to cut back my updates to 2 a week. And for those of you who are only skimming my bloggie postie…

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: EFE WILL ONLY UPDATE MONDAYS AND FRIDAYS FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH OF MAY! (Curious why? Then obviously you haven’t been reading very carefully. Shame on you.)

If I have time I just may post something silly on Wednesdays but no promises. ;)

Thank you all for being so understanding! You are all obviously amazing and wonderful people and everybody loves you!