Sooooooooooooo… You know what’s awesome?? Having computer problems! Yup. That’ll slow you down a ton. :D

Had to get Archmage for emergency tech support when my computer decided to be stupid at me and stop working. While it was ultimately fixed by the mage’s innate magical powers I lost A LOT of time. There was no way I could finish the comic page. And after stressing out over my sad little computer there was no way my brain was up for it either.


So, I just sat down and doodled. And doodled. And doodled some more and this is what came out. Young Myari, Elon and Tanna playing in the woods together!! I never really drew a scene like this before so it was a lot of experimenting. Quite fun, though!!

I hope you all enjoy the uh… something post today! Comic will be back on Monday.

I’ve got my eye on you, computer. Don’t you even think about pulling shit like this again… *glaaaaare*