Tanna does not back down! Especially when nice guys are being stupid! Bad Rolan! BAD!

EVERYONE GO WATCH THIS VIDEO RIGHT NOW!!!  Reader and friend of the comic, TehMograinz and I did another round of Lets Plays of the awesome game Dungeon Defenders. AND THIS TIME I WAS A LOT LESS AWKWARD (BUT STILL LAUGHED SUPER LOUD)! Listen to this if ya wanna know the closest thing you’ll probably get to the real Naarie!! ALSO I WANT ONE OF THE VIDEOS I’M IN TO BE HIS MOST POPULAR VIDEO!!! So go watch it a million times!!! AND REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE SO YOU CAN SEE MORE VIDEOS AS THEY COME OUT!

Please? :D

Although… there was one thing I got A LOT when I posted the last video. Almost everyone who listened to it told me that I didn’t sound how they expected…. BUT nobody will tell me what they were expecting! It’s driving me crazy! Can anyone answer??

It looks like Archmage is having another crazy week this week! Poor guy!! BUT I’m trying to stay ahead and send the pages to him early so they all go up on time! If they’re late though this is why… and everyone please be extra nice to him. He just works so hard!! *single tear*