!!!!!! ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!

Sorry everybody! NO PAGE TODAY!!! After pulling double shifts all week Archmage finally collapsed. There was no way he could edit the page. We’ll be back on Monday!!! Sorry again about all this!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING!!!!


Oh, those silly nice guys… Will they ever learn?

Drawing this page was surprisingly tricky. I mean, it really shouldn’t have been. It’s a pretty basic page. But as I was drawing I realized this is a whole new level for Rolan. Every single time I’ve drawn him before hes been varying degrees of pleasant. Pleasantly Surprised. Pleasantly Confused. Pleasantly Intrigued. Pleasantly Pleasant. BUT on this page his ‘pleasant’ demeanor is starting to fade. He isn’t ‘unpleasant’ exactly just… taking off the mask a little. I had to figure out how he would express himself without the facade… It was interesting… I’d very much like to explore this more. :D

So, Archmage’s schedule is definitely going to be off this week… possibly the next?? I dunno. But expect pages to be up later in the day! Many apologies!! But don’t get mad at him, though! Hes working his ass off! I’m surprised hes able to get to the pages at all!! MAGE, YOU’RE AWESOME!