Hello everyone,

Before you get to Naarie’s most interesting post, I need to let you know that I’m going to be working the early shift at work for the rest of the week. ¬†Posts will probably be later in the day on post days. ¬†Sorry for the delays.



Well, it’s a good thing Tanna is totally mature now and can totally control herself in a state of high emotion or things could have gotten awkward.

So, I was chatting with Magey about the DnD thing. It looks like he has all the character sheets but one so we should be able to move onto the next step pretty soon! Hope you all are working on your backstories and are ready to connect our characters so we can avoid the awkward new party syndrome! I’m also willing to sketch little headshots of all the characters on my freetime (when is that?? XD). Don’t know when I’ll get around to ‘em but if you send a detailed description and/or some reference pictures I’ll do ‘em eventually!! :D

Last night I went out and saw Hunger Games. I’ve never read the books before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. While the premise wasn’t the most original (BTW neither is Battle Royale. ;) ) I found it to be quite enjoyable. Any story that can cause such an emotional reaction from me is a success in my book. :D But DAMN that movie could have really used a f**king steady cam! I think I just may pick up the books. Perhaps when I find this mystical freetime I may even read them!!