Know what’s sad? When the weekend kicks your ass so hard you can’t even manage to complete a filler.

Overall I’d say the move went well. Packed, drove the 6+ hours up, unpacked, then after around 2 hours of sleep drove the 6+ hours back. When I finally got home I collapsed on the bed. I wanted to give myself only an hour for a nap so I could get to the filler comic but when I “woke up” after that time my processing power was at zero. I REALLY REALLY tried to ink but I kept nodding off and losing focus. Eventually I realized I was crap in that state so I just gave up and went to bed.

This morning I remembered that during a couple minutes break I had during the move I sat down and doodled something out. My parent’s new home is on the banks of a river so while I was taking a breather I became inspired and this little sketch came out (Note to artist’s everywhere: ALWAYS carry a sketch book with you. You never know when inspiration will strike. Shes a fickle little thing so it’s best not to tick her off ;) ). Guess the filler is really making me want to draw young Tanna, huh?

I know it’s not much but I felt like I had to post something so you all know I survived the move!

Regular updates back on Wednesday after I actually get some rest. THANKS FOR YOU PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!