Donn is super excited!! In 3 different ways! All back to back! THIS WAS TRICKY TO DO!! :D

So, apparently I have both Skype and Steam now. Because people keep making me do stuff. I guess they just can’t get enough of me?? WELL, if any of you need more Naarie in your life feel free to add me on either thing and I’ll make your life that much more fulfilling. Names NaarieKermie in both. Fair warning I tend to be unfiltered, on at weird hours and sometimes shy (but I think that’s pretty obvious just from how I am here…). I’ll try to interact with you but I’m not terribly good with them yet. Me and technology don’t really get along.

This is why I have Archmage.

Speaking of Mage, he has a big update below about the RP. Looks like things are really rolling now. Should be fun. I’m pretty excited. :D

ALSO, someone tried to send me fanart yesterday but didn’t attach it in the email! The email itself was very sweet and it made me reeeeally want to see the fanart!! So if it was YOU please try sending it again and stop torturing me!!! D:

Next week we’re back to the original schedule so that means 3 whole pages!! I hope you all enjoyed Concept Wednesdays as much as I enjoyed writing them. But now it’s time for them to come to an end. SO, let’s get this story rolling already!!