This is a little bitter sweet. It’s good to get back to the story but it makes me sad that I can’t unload my inner workings of my brain on you all anymore.

BUT before we get to that I want to say a big thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the comments, emails, DA messages and gifties! You guys are amazing!! I’m currently writing this just before I head out for the night so if my birthday continues on this trend it will be one of my best ever! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Sooooo, before I reveal… can anyone guess who this is?

Take your time. I’ll wait.

Yeah. That’s right. This is the original design of Luero. Pretty crazy, eh?

Now here’s the funny thing. Originally, in my first draft of the story, Luero wasn’t a character at all. Now this was the eeeeearliest draft, mind you, before the story was even really formed. But still.

When I finally decided on a structured plot I realized that Tanna really needed a mentor character in the Guardian ranks. She already had her parents and Zalanna pushing her to take her place on the High Council but she didn’t have anyone backing her up in her true desire. Really thinking about the character I realized that she really needed the support. So, I went about trying to come up with some type of mentor that could really get through to Tanna and help her along the way.

The first version of this character, the original Luero, was a completely different character (which is my trend apparently). My first plan was to show an ideal that Tanna could look up to. The perfect Guardian. Highly skilled, highly dedicated and highly serious. He was deep, introspective and a lone wolf. Married to the job. Strong silent type. The plan was for her to see him as a goal to strive for. This was the ultimate. The thing Tanna wanted to become someday.

Their relationship in the beginning was very different. Tanna wasn’t nearly as close with Luero. She would watch him from afar and, even though he was pleasant enough, she was much too intimidated to form a connection with him. He came off as serious and a bit detached and very formal but saw a spark in her that made him go out of his way to give her a hand.

Curious how long it took me to rework his character?

The day before he was supposed show up in the comic.


I was at my computer and trying to write the dialogue for the next day’s page. I had been struggling with it for a while. I wrote and rewrote his introduction but it just didn’t flow. I tried and tried again, growing more and more nervous as the deadline approached. But nothing felt right. I felt like I was forcing the character to be something he wasn’t meant to. So, at the final hour, I stopped fighting it and just let the words flow. And in only one sitting I wrote the entire scene and the next. I didn’t even have to edit. Then I just started drawing the page, redesigning the character completely in the moment.

And it just worked.

I almost feel like Luero forced himself out of my head. The original concept wasn’t what Tanna needed. This Luero is. And their chemistry just works. I can’t explain it.

BUT I have to say I am sooo happy I went with this. Especially since he’s turned out to be one of the most popular characters. Sometimes you really just need to trust the character in your head and let them become what they want to be and not what you’re trying to force on them.

This is how I write now. I may have major plot points and milestones planned out but as far as character development and relationships go…

Well, I’m just along for the ride with the rest of you. :)