Hello everyone,

Due to popular demand, and in the interest of giving me time to get this all setup, I am hereby announcing the RP that I will be running once we get the forums going.

Since most people seemed at least mildly interested in it, and also since I have most of the books, we will be running Standard Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition. If you don’t have the books, this will give you time to go out and get them.

Since I don’t want a disastrously large party, I am only going to allow the first 6 people ready to be in the RP. One spot is already reserved for Naarie, how can I really say no to her, so that leaves 5 spots open. You must have your character sheet and preliminary back story emailed to me in order to be “Registered”


Here are the basic rules for character building, more will be done once I have your characters and can start planning the rest of the story.

1. Your character can be only be one of the following races:
2. Your character can only be of the classes from the Players Handbook 1-3, Forgotten Realms, and Eburron.
3. Your character’s class abilities cannot be from Dragon Magazine, way too much craziness in there.
4. This is going to be a high powered game, so your stats will be 18 14 12 10 8 8, with 4 points to spend as you wish.
5. Your character is going to need to know at least 2 of the other people in the party. I want to try and avoid the “New Party Awkwardness” as much as possible.  This step might come after we have the players registered.

Once you have your characters stats allocated and finalized, please email it to me at Archmage [at] earsforelves.com with the email titled “Application for EfE D&D Campaign” I will take it from there and work with each of you to finalize your characters.

I will have more details as to how this is going to work later, so don’t sweat the details.

Good luck, and if you don’t get in on the RP, don’t worry. If this goes well, then we’re probably going to have more, I wouldn’t mind running more than one at a time if this goes as I think it will.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.


edit:  BTW you are starting at level 1.