This week we have the High Elf: Drethalrolan! Since he’s been showing up so much lately I figured this was a good time to bring him out.

The top picture is the first picture I ever drew of Drethalrolan. Doesn’t look too different from his current version, no? But there’s something a little off about him… wouldn’t you say? Back then he was a VERY different character personality wise. He still had a relatively similar back story and purpose in the story but he was a total ass.

This was not my fault.

Remember what I said back on the first Tanna picture? That she was originally a DnD character that I took out of the main campaign and plopped into her backstory, instead? Well, Archmage was running the campaign and Rolan was the main major NPC… and he- was- a- JERK.

The mage may be the nicest guy in real life but for some reason whenever he roleplays, his default main character personality is Jerky Jerkface of the land of Asshattery. This is an actual running joke among our roleplaying group. You have no idea how many times his characters have 1. Gotten our whole group in trouble 2. Gotten somebody killed 3. Gotten Arrested 4. TRIED TO BRIBE THE COP AFTER BEING ARRESTED 5. Tortured people.  AND WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THE GOOD GUYS. Once he even threw people back into a burning building just because he could.

Now Rolan wasn’t THAT extreme but he was still an ass. And I HATED HIMI HATED HIM SO MUCH!!! Tanna hated him even more than I did. Oh, the bickering… UGH!! *mumblegrumble*

When I was first writing my story I didn’t even want to include Rolan. But I had to because he played an important role. I wrestled with myself for a long time trying to write this guy without throwing my computer out of the window. I agonized for hours over this, clenching my teeth, being reminded of how much of an ass he was.

Then it hit me. It didn’t have to be this way.

I went to Archmage and told him “F**K your Rolan. We’re writing MY Rolan.” And we went to work redesigning his character. The first step was figuring out more about the High Elves. How they lived and interacted, their society and their home. Once that was established we tried to imagine what it would be like as a child living there. How would you grow up? What kind of person would you become? THIS is how EfE Rolan was born.

That’s when I drew the second picture.

AND LOOK! Hand drawn bishi bubbles!! XD

EfE Rolan is a nice guy. He’s genuine, polite, well-mannered and THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF DND ROLAN (the jerk!). You have no idea how happy I am to have this brand new character to write. I’m enjoying this soooo much more. Plus he’s a whole hell of a lot cuter this way, too. ;)