Ok, so the last 12 hours have been a little weird for me.  Let me recount this step by step.  Event is in bold, my emotion is in Italics…

11AMish: Dreamhost suffered a bad case of the Mondays and failed all their customers.

I am understanding as I work in Tech support and this kind of stuff happens.

11:30AM: Dreamhost sort of updates people on their status page with a generic statement.

Still I am understanding, you can’t have all the answers right away.

11:50AM Dreamhost again sort of updates their status page with another generic statement, nothing substantial in it.

Okay… not fixing the issue are we.  Fine, might just be a huge failure.

12:26PM: Dreamhost says that things should be getting back to normal.

Yay!  Hope at last, 1 hour’s not too bad as far as outages go.  Time to wait for everything to get back to normal and move on with my day.

1:10pm: Dreamhost says they’re still getting “Crucial Services” back up.  The support interface should be back up now.

… it’s been 40 minutes.  What “Crucial Services” do you have left before you get to my site?  Oh and check that interface again, it’s not up, so I still can’t contact you.

2:14PM: Dreamhost says that everything should be mostly back to normal and they’re just cleaning up fringe problems.  Please contact support if you have any further issues.

Uh no it’s not, there are ton’s of people screaming at you in the comment section of this thread.  Your $#!^ ain’t fixed yet.  AND I STILL CAN’T SUBMIT A TICKET BECAUSE YOUR FUSKING PORTAL IS STILL DOWN!

2:45PM: Dreamhost states that they have done “Extensive Testing” and have determined that everything is a-okay now.  Contact support if you continue to have issues.

Extensive testing my ass.  What crack are you smoking?  Oh, and contact support?  Get the Portal up and I would.

3:15PM: Dreamhost reitterates that they have done “Extensive Testing” and have determined that everything is a-okay now.  Contact support if you continue to have issues.  Essentially saying, “We already told you everything is fine, Quit yo B!7C#ing”

(At this point only the front page is showing, which is a slight improvement.  Still can’t log on to post a blog about what’s going on.)

4:15PM: Dreamhost finally admits that the portal is still down and they are fixing it.  But if you’re having any issues they are unrelated.  Contact them at dreamhost.com.

Are you kidding me?

6PMish: Site looks like it’s back to normal, FINALLY post blog about the issues.

Okay, maybe we can just leave all this behind us and move on with our lives.

12AMish: Start having issues logging into the WordPress dashboard, see database error like when the site was down.

@$!%! @#$^@#$ %^!#$(^ !(#$ )!*$@%&!@#& %QW$E % &!@$ %!@$( &% (!&@$( &%!(&@ $%&

2 minutes later: Finish typing hate mail to Dreamhost using all the tricks I’ve seen over the years.

Ok, before I hit send… do I really want to send this… maybe I’ll check the site 1 more time before I go down this route.

Now: Been scrolling around the site for an hour… Issues seem to be non existant.

Ok, I’m just going to back off that email for now and holster my guns… Time to vent in the blog.


So yeah, that’s what I’ve been going through for the last 12 hours.  Not my best day.  I just find it ironic that the post before this one was praising how awesome and accommodating Dreamhost was… Well, it seems like their Disaster handling skills could use some improvement, right now most of the Dreamhost community thinks they’re a bunch of monkeys with their thumbs up their asses…

I’m out, need to sleep this off.