Edit: Everything is fine now, Read rant in my blog below for the story.


LOOK!! It’s Donn!! I haven’t drawn him since the beginning of CHAPTER 1!! It’s been so long and my style has changed so much that I practically had to redesign him! XD

Little brothers, am I right? Well, I should know… I have two of ‘em. XP

Sorry to anyone trying to access our site earlier! It seems Dreamhost had a crazy outage that affected everyone from 11am PST to around 2pm PST (but it took until around 6pm PST for ours to come back). It seems like things are working now so I’ll leave the rest up to Archmage. SERVER ISSUES! WHEEE!!

So, we added a new poll to the site. Since the mage is always thinking ahead and dreaming big we were discussing how we could get book one made. It seems like many other webcomics are having luck with Kickstarter but there’s also another similar site called Indiegogo that’s gaining popularity. Since both sites are based on reader contributions it only makes sense to ask you all which you’d prefer. That way once we reach that point we can have the best run possible!! So, please vote to the right! We still have 3 or 4 chapters to go until the end of the book but why not think ahead?