Welcome to another installment of Concept Wednesdays! *And there was much rejoicing!*

This week we have my original concept sketches of Myari and Zalanna. One has changed much more than the other! Can you tell which?? :D

Well, if you’re struggling so much I’ll just tell you. Myari has barely changed since my original concept of her. As far as character design goes all I did was simplify and give her more of a babyface. :3 Personality was obvious and hasn’t changed a bit. She’s the personification of almost every Table Top RPG character I’ve ever played (before Tanna, that is). If you all have been paying attention to my previous CWs this should come as no surprise. Again, not surprisingly, she’s probably the easiest character for me to write.

Zalanna, on the other hand, has gone through quite a few changes. Her base personality is the same (upperclass, demure, obsessed with her ranking and position and completely oblivious that this may rub people the wrong way). BUT originally she didn’t fancy herself as a “big sister type” to Tanna. She was originally her direct rival in both social standing and The Guardians. She had mad skills, was very aware of it and was there just to stress Tanna out even more. She was also a bit darker and serious, thus the scowl instead of her usual sultry grin.

This may not make much sense now but the story was a tad different in the early stages. Eventually I decided that Tanna didn’t need more torturing (trust me, I’ve got that covered) but she needed more people on her side. That’s what Zalanna is now… kind of.  At this point they’re not quite friends (but don’t tell Zalanna that) but not enemies either. Which I guess is better than them being at each other’s throats?

So, yay!

BTW, on suggestion of the peanut gallery, I’ll be extending Concept Wednesdays for a couple more weeks. My sanity thanks you, he told me himself.