Looks like the server migration was successful! New page is up and all looks well (although it’s a tad slow but the mage is working on it). Thanks for the patience everyone!! And if you have any problems with the site feel free to pester Archmage about it. Tell him I gave you permission. :D

*Girly Squuuueeeee!!* I’m so loving drawing Rolan right now!! He’s just sooo pretty!!! >w<

Woo! Lost an entire day of work because of Image Expo!! But I learned a lot and met some cool people so I guess it was all worth it…? XD

Archmage and I went around and handed out business cards and made contacts because we’re hella legit. It was awesome.  I’ll post links and namedrop all of them after the page is fully complete.

Probably my most significant contact was with the creator of Valkyrie Squadron. Not only did I purchase her book and get a kickass sketch but she gave me some serious protips because she’s even more legit than I am. Of course this had to stem from me awkwarding all over the place after she (rightfully) put me on the spot. ;)

Actual Conversation-
*Begin scene with us chatting about various printing services*
Her- -So, do you have a comic of your own?
Me- As a matter of fact I do a webcomic. *hands over business card LIKE A BOSS*
Her- That’s awesome. Give me your pitch.
Me- …my what?
Her- Your pitch. Sell me your comic. What is it about?
Me- *mind goes blank* I… don’t… know…
Her- Haha, that’s okay. Tell me what elements does it have? Is it a comedy or…?
Me- Well, not really a comedy per se. I mean, it is funny but not like all the time. It can be serious but it’s not really a super serious comic but not like a complete joke, either. It’s fantasy but not like dark like most fantasies- That isn’t to say I’m not willing to go dark just not really dark but still kinda dark just not all the time- *rambles on for forever, managing to not only over explain the comic but somehow explain it wrong in some parts*
Her- (õ_ó)


Haha, seriously though, I am glad she asked me so I can trip up now, when it doesn’t matter, and be ready by the time I have a table. I’m working on my 5 second pitch now (which is surprisingly hard! How can I distill my comic down into a sentence but still make it sound good??) . I will have it perfected by my next con. No doubt.

Good learning experience in all I’d say. But now I’m crazy tired so I’m gonna take a nap. Toned page will be up tonight but I’d recommend checking back tomorrow so you all don’t end up falling asleep at your computer like m-zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu