So, I’ve learned something about myself recently. When I have more time to draw my comic instead of drawing quickly and busting out pages (like I planned) I uh… get stuck… on a single page. I guess when I feel like I have “SO MUCH TIME” I feel like I can indulge my inner artist and focus on excessive details and “perfection”… to the point where even with the extra time I still can’t finish the page…

What is wrong with meee?? XD

Gods, I need to work on my time management. This is a skill I’ve never possessed… I tend to get lost in my head… a lot… yeeeeah.

I’m working on it!! I swear!!

In other news Archmage and I will be crashing Image Expo this Saturday to do some research for when we get a table of our own. Cuz, you know, I totally have time for that apparently. If any of you will be there you can try to spot me. I’ll be the girl wandering around with elf ears (think LOTR) and street clothes. A winning combination if I do say so myself. :)