Welcome to the next installment of “Concept Wednesdays”! * confetti and such*

This week we have two early Tanna headshots. Like I said last week, my original Tanna (DnD version) was much older than the one in EfE. So, in order to do my webcomic, I had to young-ify her.

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite thing to draw is headshots. Love ‘em. They’re all about the face. The expression. The little details that make the character who they are. You can’t hide anything, there’s only one focus. I feel like the best way for me to “discover” a character is to draw a headshot of them. If I can nail that and make the character look like themselves then I feel like I finally get them.

So, I felt the best way to create Tanna for my comic was to do a headshot of the older Tanna first. Once I got that down I then moved on to draw Tanna in her younger version while still trying to retain her “Tanna-ness”. It took several tries and this was the one I was originally satisfied with.

Now some of you may notice a couple differences between Original Concept EfE Tanna (damn these titles are getting long) and Current EfE Tanna. The thing is, the original draft of the story started with Tanna a little younger. 14 to be exact (as opposed to her current 16, for those of you not in the know). Training for the Guardian Trails but not close to ready for competing yet (unlike current Tanna who is just about to compete… but her readiness is still in question. ;) ). Also there’s the short hair. Now, current Tanna would still have hair that short at that age so that isn’t really something I changed, I just timed jumped so her hair would have grown out more. Have any of you noticed that her hair, while still long, is much shorter than anyone else’s?? BONUS POINTS TO THOSE WHO DID.

Yes, there’s a story there… but that’s for another time. ;)

I was originally planning on exploring life before the trails (and the High Elves) a lot more. Setting up the day to day life of Tanna with family, friends, the village itself, etc, etc. In the end it was waaaay too drawn out (much more than it is now! L-O-L) and I really just wanted to get the plot going. The main drawback to this is some of the stuff that would have been obvious from the beginning (culture, customs and such) is now being revealed slowly at the sake of moving the plot forward. This is probably more of a draw back for me than you readers because everyone knows artist’s are much more in love with their world than the readers are. ;)  So, now I have to be all tricky about sneaking the exposition in there instead of dropping a wall of text on you… just like I’m doing now. :D