GAAAAAHHHH~~~~ MY NEW COMPUTER IS SO HUGE!!! O__________________O;; Just look at that size comparison!! This is blowing my mind. @___@

Sorry for my absence everybody! Had to get a new puter cuz after the last page I was ready to throw my little netbook through a window *DEFENESTRATION’d*. I originally purchased it a couple years ago to bring to class with me for note taking. It was small, compact, and light. PERFECT for a college student.

Then I decided to make a webcomic.

Poor little thing couldn’t take it. It continued to get slower and slower until a couple days ago when it lagged so bad while drawing it stopped registering my curves at all. It started the line, froze, jumped around and “guessed” at the ending. UGH! THIS IS WHY I HATED THE LAST PAGE!!

At that point I knew it was over between us. We’d grown too far apart and I needed a new, younger computer who could keep up with me. What can I say? I’m an artist with needs.

So, I picked one up today (thus the filler… sorry!!). Now I am loving my new computer! But compared to my old one this one just feels gigantic!! Gonna take some getting used to.

I noticed in the comments some of you were suggesting starting a fund to buy me a new computer?? WHAAAAAA??? You guys are crazy! I would never ask for money for something so greedy. Save your pennies to buy my book or merch once they’re out so you get something in return!!! BUT if you insist on throwing money my way you could donate. All the money we receive goes towards hosting costs and advertising. Plus I try to draw a chibi for everyone who donates… but currently I’m a little behind… I owe someone a Kanryl (you know who you are… SURPRISE RUINED!!).

Love you guys! Webcomic should be back on Monday and better than ever on my GIANT COMPUTER OF HUGENESS!!!!

BTW you can see a full size version of this comic on my DA if you liiiike.