Hello Readers,

Thank you all for the excellent response to my last question of “Where did you come from?”  It’s nice to see that diverse targeted advertising is doing it’s job.  My question for you this week is, “What keeps you coming back?”

Something that we’re wondering is, what are we doing right?  Obviously you guys like the comic, but why?  Is it the characters?  Is it the Story?  Is it the art?  Is it us?  I’m sure that it’s a combination of these things, but what is the Main reason?

Also, thank you all for the overwhelming input in our Plushie Popularity competition.  While there are 3 that are ahead of the pack, it’s nice to see that the Main Character is most liked!  IMO, that’s how it should be.  Though I still think that a Kanryl plushie would be easiest to make.  We’re currently looking at options for getting a small run of quality plushies made, though we’re having a problem with getting a supplier that will do anything less than 300 pieces, but we’ll see.  I think it comes down to how many of you are wanting to buy one.  But we’ll get to that eventually.

So yeah, let us know why you like us!