Ahhh… Luero. You can be such a jerk but you’re just so charming at it.

So, I was looking into other ways to promote my comic because I’m totally into shameless self promotion *Shameless!!* and some other webcomickers mention making a tvtropes page for their comic. For those of you who don’t know what tvtropes is consider yourself lucky. IT WILL EAT YOUR LIFE! I swear the first time I found it I got stuck in such a long wikiwalk I couldn’t pull myself away… until a week later. WHERE DID MY LIFE GO? D:

Anywho, for those of you already familiar with the curse of the tropes do any of you know how to make a page?? I may go on there for time to time… for days at a time… but I only lurk. I have no idea how the inner workings operate. If anyone with knowledge could give me a tip or two (or perhaps even help us build a page *le gasp*) it would be very much appriciated!