Third panel is probably my favorite picture of Rolan yet. Why is he so hard to draw???! XP

I caught up a bit this weekend so pages should be on time this week (yay!). BTW, if any of you need to know the second a page comes up or want to keep track of any new developments of the EfE nature Archmage has recently set up a Facebook and Twitter to keep you informed. If you want to follow click the buttons to the right. We’d love to have you. :D

New webpage added to the site! Archmage has been working for a long time on a glossary and ended up going a little overboard so it evolved into more of a compilation of all of the common knowledge of the elves introduced so far. So now you all have an easy reference guide to a fraction of the brain crack in our heads! You can find the page in the About section under the title Known Lore. We’ll update this page as new info is revealed in the comic. Feel free to check it out!