I just received an AWESOME PIECE OF FANART by my friend Murader191 aka Iceman aka Bill aka Awesome McAwesomepants. This is my first fanart of Kanryl ever!! So excited!!

You can see it in our fanart section but I’d highly recommend checking it out on his DA page and sending him some love:


He also set up a DA fan club because he’s just that amazing!! It’s a little small right now but if you’re interested in  joining you can find it here:


As a side note it has come to my attention that there has been some debate over Kanryl’s gender in the comments and such. First off I blame Archmage (don’t’ I always??) for making such a big deal over someone casual assigning the character one in the comments. I want to let you all know that as of right now Kanryl has no canon gender.

This isn’t some type of statement, it just simply was never a factor when designing the character. Whether Kanryl is male or female really doesn’t make a difference in the character’s mannerism’s and personality. I never saw a point in assigning one since it wouldn’t add to the character and could even possibly take away from the character due to perceived gender roles and stereotypes.

Kanryl is Kanryl. 

If you want to think of the character as male or female or both or neither it really doesn’t make a difference to me. Have fun, discuss, debate, whatever.

Although I do maintain the right to assign one later if the story calls for it. ;)

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Blunt tip arrows go boink. That is all.