Hello Everyone,

Site upgrades have been completed.  The new layout has been implemented.  As you’ll notice, we have new Social Media buttons on the right sidebar, feel free to like us on Facebook and/or follow our new Twitter account.  There is also a link to Naarie’s DeviantArt page.  Kanryl is now taking donations for the site, until Naarie can get the permanent picture done.   Finally the biggest addition is the fantastic banner at the top showcasing the Main Cast.

Unfortunately, this upgrade is not yet perfect.  If you are using Internet Explorer, the border around the page is not quite working as intended.  I have a fix, but it causes Firefox and Chrome browsers to have the same issue.  Should be fixed by the end of the week.

I am almost ready with some of the other content that has been promised for a while.  The Cast page should be finished soon, as well as the glossary.

Finally, thank you everyone involved in the Beta,  your feedback and suggestions are appreciated.  There are some interesting ideas that some of you put forth that I’m working on and will probably be in the next site update.

Happy New Year!



PS: Naarie spent too much time on the banner yesterday and was not able to get the page done.  She has everything inked but needs to get the toning done.  Should be up by 12PM PST tomorrow.