BWAHAHAA!! Had a lot of fun with this. Some may say too much fun… BUT THEY WOULD BE WRONG!

Tanna as High Elf or excuse for Naarie to draw a pin up? Hmmm…

Guess you could think of it as throwing a bone to my male readers (HAPPY HOLIDAYS). I’ve been drawing a lot of pretty boy elves lately (you’re welcome, ladies)… gotta be fair about this right?? ;)

Aaaaand full color, just like I promised! :D :D :D

Story starts up again next Monday. After the holidays… totally intentional!! Look forward to the next ones over the next updates! (turns out it took me three pages to answer the chosen questions. Got a little carried away. ^^;)

I also posted the full size version to my DeviantArt page (in case any of you are curious what it looked like before being resized for the site.)