Hello Everyone,

I am working on a new look for our humble little site to make it look a bit more professional.  Personally I think the current layout makes it look like a few pieces of paper swimming in a green paint bucket, but that might just be me.  Coming up in the next 2 weeks I will be giving a few of you a chance to preview the new look and give your feedback, you will be contacted by me via email if you are chosen.

Another thing that I’m doing is going through Chapters 1 and 2 rewriting some of the dialog so it doesn’t sound so stiff.  Also the first 6-7 pages have this weird font thing that I was doing and that needs to change…

And finally, we’re starting to get a bit more legit.  Naarie and I have new email addresses under our domain now, so feel free to contact us at NaarieKermie@earsforelves.com and Archmage@earsforelves.com if you have any questions or comments you don’t want to be public.

This should all be completed 1/1/12 so don’t freak out when things change New Years.



PS – I am updating our backend system to WordPress 3.3 tonight 12/16 at 11:59PM.  You shouldn’t see anything change about the site, and this shouldn’t impact viewing at all, but there’s always a chance that it might hit the fan.

Update: Backend upgrade has been completed and everything is stable.  Carry on folks.