And DONE! Does toning make a difference?? I like to think so. XD

I really want to say THANK YOU to all of my amazing readers for being so understanding of my unfortunate illness *pathetic cough* and for sending all your well wishes my way. :) I spent most of the day in bed. Right now I’m feeling a bit better… then again I’m pretty hopped up cold medicine so I suppose I wont know until tomorrow how well I really am. XD

It’s really an awesome feeling to have so many people worry and care about you… I feel so fortunate to have such an awesome audience! LOVE YOU GUYS!!


Lay off the mage a bit (but just a bit, don’t want to spoil him now). I was the one who insisted on having something up today. I haven’t missed an update yet and I don’t want to start now!!


((totally copied from previous page cuz I’m lazy… :D ))

Keep sending in those questions people! This is your chance to ask about anything you’ve been wondering about the backstory, society, the world, preferences, hobbies, relationships or anything silly that your collective minds can come up with! Send as many questions as you want and I’ll choose the most potentually amusing ones from the pool to have the characters answers in a special “Answering Fanmail” type episode. ;)

You have until Wednesday the 21st of December to get your questions in! Post them here in the comments or send an email to us at Lets see what all of your awesome minds can come up with!! XD