I swear, when it comes to drawing my characters that high elf is giving me the most trouble. XP

So, I was looking at the calender today and it turns out that Christmas (YAY) falls on a Sunday this year. Obviously I’ll be busy with family  for most of the day, which would make it a tad tricky for me to complete Monday’s comic. So, I was thinking… instead of doing a full comic page why don’t I do some fan assisted filler? Easier for me and fun for all of you. Win/Win. :D

Here’s the idea: Why don’t we do one of those cheesy “Answering Fanmail” comics? You know, the ones where you, the readers, send in questions for the characters to answer in comic form. Easy!

So if any of you want to participate simply post a question for one of the characters of EFE here in the comments or send an email to earsforelves@gmail.com. Just set it up like “Dear ((character)), ((insert question here))?” so there’s no confusion on my part. ;) I’ll keep this open up until the Wednesday before Christmas (12/21 or 21/12 for you non-Americans ;) ) so you’ll have plenty of time to think of your questions and I’ll have enough time to do the comic. XD

Ask anything you want!! I may not be able to answer them all but this lead to some amusing, cheesy fun. :D :D :D