Hello everyone,

I just logged in and saw that we now have over 500 Comments!  Thank you all for this.  Comment 500 was by Marscaleb, and you have won…… Something.  Yeah, we haven’t really decided on it yet so sit tight.

Thank you everyone, keep commenting and participating since it show us that you do care about the comic enough to think of something to say (also I like knowing that we occupied your brain for at least 10 seconds).  I know that the ratio for passive readers to active readers is about 1% and I’m pretty sure that we’re higher than that so you guys are the best.

As a side note you will see that we have a new site in our ranking section to the right.  This is for Ink Outbreak, which is a fantastic personal index for people who like to have 1 login for everything.  We like it because unlike other indexing sites, it still preserves all of our ads and statistics.  Check it out if you haven’t and please add us if you already have it.

I’ll have an update later this week with some of the promised content so check back soon.