Most advertising you use will also give you good statistics on how much traffic you are getting. Right now we are using Google Ad-sense and after Friday we should be eligible for Project Wonderful. Again, if you’re just starting out, this is the way to go. Google Ad-sense is easy to sign up, and you get approved in minutes. Project Wonderful on the other hand has 2 major requirements: 1. you must have at least 30 posts (if you’re a blog) or 30 pages (if you’re a webcomic), and 2. you must show that you have a regular posting schedule (Post every scheduled day).

I will elaborate later on Project Wonderful, but for now… GOOGLE AD-SENSE!!!!

Google Ad-sense is something that you really won’t see a lot of money from until you get to be big, and I mean BIG. It’s a good feeling though when you see that your comic is giving a bit back to you, plus this is another good place to see what your viewship is like. Ad-sense will not tell you unique hits, but total hits. Once you setup what type of ads you want on your site, they provide you with the code which you paste into you site. I really don’t know how they calculate what you are paid, I know it’s in the standard RPM or Rate Per Million which translates to every thousand viewers you get this much, but that doesn’t mean I understand why they set the rate at what it’s at. What I do know is that you get to keep 68% of the total made from the advertising, not that it really means that you’ll see what they- you know what, it’s all under lock and key so the short version is, 1000 page views gets you money.

Google Ad-sense will also not send you a check until you reach your first $100, which may take a while.

That’s about it for Google Ad-Sense, a good starter to make SOME money on, but not something that you’ll keep later on, once you start hitting the 20k-50k range, there are other advertising streams you can get. I’ll go into Project Wonderful next time as this is now A 3 PART TOPIC!!!!!