So, over the last few days we’ve really ramp’d up our Project Wonderful campaigns (Welcome to those of you who are making that a good investment.) I have to say, I’ve never been interested in watching numbers go up quite like I have before now; it is truly intoxicating. So thank you all to those of you doing Archive Dives, and thank all of you return viewers checking us out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Today is part 1 of 2 on Web Analytics and Advertising. I realize that doesn’t make sense since there are 2 things, but they kind of overlap and that makes this a 2 parter.

Web Analytics is really anything that will show you direct information on how many hits you are getting. We use getclicky for our WA program, it has a fantastic WordPress plugin where you can get a quick overview of how you’re doing right from the WordPress dashboard, and there’s a link to log you into your Getclicky account for more in depth statistics. Sign up is free with a 14 day trial of their pro features, after the 14 days it’s still free but you go down to the basic features. The features you get for the basic account are good enough when you are trying to get started probably even if you are only working the one site. The pro version gives you more information and more detailed statistics, and you can have more than 1 site monitored, but that’s only if you need to get crazy marketing information. Clicky also refreshes every 2 minutes, so you can see information almost live with the basic, pro does give you live information.

Next post will be going into advertising. So check back Friday!