Hello Readers,

Today there will be changes made to the site as we update a few of the pages.  The main page will be unaffected, but some of the other pages will be moved around.  There will be no changes to the layout or style of the page as of yet, that will come in a much larger update down the road.

These changes will be completed at some point today, Sunday August 21.



PS – All Changes have been made see list below:

-We have joined some comic ranking boards, please check them out and rank up!

-A donation button has been added, we will continue to update free of charge but if you would like to contribute, feel free.

-Support has been changed to Extras.  More will be added as needed.

-There is a link page, check out some of the comics that we also read.  The big ones aren’t up there because you know who they are already.

-The Banner page is now under Extras.  If you would like a link exchange, feel free to email us and let us know.

PPS – There was an issue with Ch1P25, the post had to be deleted and re-added.  If you had comments on that page, please repost them.