Hello Readers,

Once again, I feel the need to go off topic and get a little philosophical for a second.

I think it’s fascinating the way that internet has affected everything. Particularly politics. Throughout history, even through the 90s, if people weren’t happy with the president, the outcry was very local. People grumbled to themselves and their friends, and that would be the end of it. Now people can log in and post a blog, share their anger on every related article and we get the semblance of a “divided” country, when really this is what America has looked like since its inception.

There’s also the simple truth that while the internet has increased the flow of information, it’s also increased the flow of disinformation and misinformation. It’s not only easier to share your views and experiences, it’s easier to spread lies as well, and harder to separate the facts from propaganda. While there has always been division, now it’s that much easier to foment that division.

Because of this, the dynamic of debate has changed drastically.  Even though you might have a valid point, you need to work harder to convince others that your position or idea merits their attention and action.  One person leaving their negative opinion on your post will either create a whirlwind of nonsense, drowning out your original idea; or will rally other like minded individuals to your cause.  Your words on the screen must speak with more gravitas and intelligence than a politician behind a podium because your words are all that matter.  Not your stature, not your tone, not your confidence, not your presence.  None of these will come over in text the same way that speech will.

Once again, I urge anyone who has the slightest desire to create a blog, vlog, webcomic, etc. to get out there and do it.  You must make your voice herd, as the Netvolution is upon us.  It is up to you to  bring the power of the First Amendment back to the people.  You are not fighting against tyranny or oppression from a ruling government, but from those that would seek to impose their beliefs on you.

Stand up on your soapbox and be heard good people!



PS: I must credit my 2 of my friends for their unintentional assistance on this post.  Thanks guys!