When you create a site you are going to need content. The more people have access to, the more your site is going to keep people coming back.

There are 1 of 2 thing that will happen when you start deciding what pages you want to have on your site. The first is you will have too many categories and not enough content, or you will worry that you forgot something.

The best thing to do is plan out what you want to have on your site. To do this, check out other web comics. When deciding on content we went around to every web comic that we read and found out what they all had in common. The most common thing is that, regardless of how many extra pages you had, they always broke their extra content into categories. Homepage, Archive, Contact us, and an About section. Some would have stuff on the website itself, some would have a downloads section, but those were the core 4 that they would all have.

Homepage – This is the first page that your visitors will see. It may contain the Comic or the Blog, or it might be a navigation page. Most web comics put the actual comic on the main page, some like Penny-arcade.com have the blog first.

Archive – This is where all of your backlog will be accessible from in an easy to navigate list. You can have short descriptions of each chapter, or the title of every page listed, but you should have this so that new readers can easily see how much they need to read, and somewhere to jump back to where they were.

Contact Us – Everyone had this, it’s just a link to send a message to the creator.

About – This is where you will put some stuff about what you are doing on the site, explain a little bit about yourself, or post the story so far.

Again, there are many other options that you could do, like a downloads section for wallpapers or avatar pics. Maybe a link to the shop if you have merchandise to sell. Maybe even a support link that will contain link banners and information on how to donate to the site (wink wink, nudge nudge).

One thing that you will also do, is find that you will add stuff later, or have ideas for a page that doesn’t necessarily have enough content to warrant a page. Like right now, we don’t have any questions to create an FAQ, but we’re going to do one. There’s no problem with putting stuff on the back burner, just don’t pull a Megatokyo and have a place for the page and write, “Look back later” and then wait until one of your readers puts something together to fill in the page. You should only have space used up for the things that you are going to have content for. You can always add later, don’t waste your time making something that’s just going to disappoint someone who’s genuinly interested in the content that might be there.


PS ~ Harry Potter comes out today, couldn’t do the midnight showing because I have work in the morning (Darn you responsibility!!!!!) So I’m going to the show after work, hopefully the crowd is enthusiastic. Nothing beats seeing a nerdy movie with other enthusiastic nerds, the energy is so much better. I might type something up about it later.