Your first question is probably: What is CMS?  CMS stands for Content Management System.  There are many types of CMS applications; MySQL, Apache, Joomla. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS systems for personal blogs.  Comicpress, which we currently use, is a customization of WordPress created by Tyler Martin and John Bintz for the express porpous of posting pictures as the blog posts.

There were a couple of Comic CMS systems that we had to decide from.  Comicpress and ComicCMS.  Both are good programs, but we found that there was more support from Comicpress.  After Martin and Bintz created Comicpress, a programmer by the handle Frumph took over the development of Comicpress.  He’s still pushing out updates today.

Comicpress is used by some of the more popular Webcomics today.  The most notable 2 would be, and the serialized Newspaper strip, Foxtrot.

What you decide you use is up to you: The feature set should meet what you are looking for, the layout should be something that you can build a website around, and the interface should be something that you’re not fighting with to get your comic out ever week.

Customization is something that is very important for a CMS system to have.  If you can’t build onto the framework that you have in place, you’re never going to be happy with your web site.  Comicpress utalizes CSS (Cascade Style Sheet) a programming language that works hand in hand with html to shape the look of your site.  You are able to do limited customization within Comicpress to change colors, menu placement, and other simple tasks, but there’s just not enough to change everything that you need.  I already knew from day one that Comicpress is just something that’s a placeholder for once I learn to code a site myself.  While Comicpress and WordPress do provide a good framework, I would still like to create my own website from scratch.  There are things that I like about Comicpress and things that I don’t like.  If I can learn to code my own site, then I can take what I like and leave the rest out.  But that’s down the road, not going to be able to do that without some classroom instruction.

But find something that YOU like.  If you’re just starting out and don’t really know much about coding, WordPress/Comicpress is a good starting place.  It has plenty of plugins available that add functionality to the system and so far we’ve been able to put together something that will work for the time being.  And I have NO experience coding HTML or CSS.