Yes, as will all good intentions, some had to be broken.  Originally we had said that the comic would be starting the first day of Summer on June 20th; however we must push it back.  Naarie was starting to rush things and we don’t want to present anything that she would want to go back and redraw at a later time.

New date became Independence day.  That’s right, we celebrated our freedom by committing to a 3 day a week comic.  Yeah…  Hopefully this is all rather lucrative, and we will be able to afford the American Dream!  Yes folks, that what we’re doing here, starting our own website in a country that allows us to have said website.  Take that you British anti-internet people of the 18th century.  Freedom of speech and whatnot.

Now onto talking about the website, because that’s what I want to write about.

One of the challenges we faced was coming up with a name for this comic that hasn’t been used, but still sounded good.  Naarie’s criteria was this: 1) it can’t be too long, 2) it can’t be too short, 3) the domain must be available, and 4) she must like it.  Believe it or not, number 3 was the hardest to accommodate for.

You’ve all had the same problem: when you find a webcomic you like, you need to be able to find it again.  Take the most popular webcomic out there right now,  So famous now that they have 2 conventions, 2!  Both Gabe and Tycho have said that one part of their URL was a mistake, and they wish they could change that.  That would be the “-”.  This about it like this, in the hay day of they would need to go to conventions just like the rest of us beginners, promote their new creation, and try to get more people to visit and read weekly.  Now when someone would go up to their booth and talk to them, they couldn’t just say, “Visit us at Penny Arcade dot com,” no!  They would have to say, “Visit us at Penny Hyphen Arcade dot com.”  Doesn’t really roll off the tongue now does it?

In our case, we needed to find something that fit the comic and was easy to remember.  Ears For Elves was 1 of several ideas that we had.  The reason that it beat out the others is it sounds good, you know what the comic is about right away, and (most importantly) it was available.  If you have any ideas for a title for your site, go check to see if it’s available, like RIGHT NOW. Go here it will check for you.  If you find something that you really like, get it.  There are 300 million people in the US alone, every day people are snatching up domain names, so if you can snag the one that you want, get it.  It only costs like $10 a year to register it, some sites do it for cheaper.  It’s like a phone number, you have to get a good one, but people are snatching the good one’s left and right.  The great thing about Domains is that once it’s yours, it’s yours.  No one else can have it so long as you have it registered.  My mom has been paying for her domain name for 3 years already and still doesn’t have a website started.  So go do it, like now if you have $10-$20 laying around and an idea that you might act on in the foreseeable future.

Well, that’s all for tonight.