Well everyone, Happy Independence day to you.  If I could, I would have fireworks effects here for you, but you’ll have to settle for this.  If you are here then I must extend the obligatory, “Welcome to Our Site, you are awesome” *plays fanfare*

You will notice that while Naarie’s posts are going to be about the comic and that process, I will be posting about the website and building one.  This is the first Website that I’ve built, and the whole process has been educating.

We started creating this site about 2 months ago (longer if you ask Naarie), but it’s surprising how much got done on the site configuration in the last 14 days.  I purchased space and the domain about a month and a half ago from Dreamhost.com, love these guys, and started mucking around on their site manager page trying to learn the ins and outs of domain and server hosting.

I was expecting that everything was going to be really painful and tedious; that I would have to learn several coding languages, but Dreamhost was easy!  Especially when it comes to WordPress.  3 clicks, 3!  That’s all it took me to install WordPress and switch over to this dashboard, which I’ll get to in a second.  I was able to register a domain name for the comic, thankfully no one else had taken it, and it was all included in the price.  Out the door, with a fully functional site ready for customization, $110 for a year.  Yup a year!

And before I go any further, I just want to say:

I am not plugging Dreamhost

I’m meerly trying to show everyone that in this day and age, getting your own space, and getting set up with the basics, is easy to do.  There are many possibilities now that I have this space.  I have this feeling now that I really have joined the 21st century and believe me, it feels good.

More to come later, I’ll be taking some time in this space to detail how I got the site up and how if you feel like you want to make a website; be it a fansite, webcomic, blog, store; you can do it, and SHOULD do it.  Everyone is going to need a website soon, your space to advertise whatever it is that you need to in order to make yourself visible in a self regulated way on the internet.